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When it comes to ETS, it is without doubt that UNIKON is the UK market leader. We have always listened to what the fancier wanted from their clocking system based on your feedback and our technical knowledge we developed the UNIKON Champ, the only ETS clock that is future proof! This is reason why you the fancier have put UNIKON at the top of the pile as the most popular choice for ETS! We are the only ETS company that are based in the UK with our own sales and fully trained technical staff.

When you buy UNIKON you get a well built product with a high specification. Did you know that our Champ 200 handles five consecutive races, has a full English text menu with various options enabling you to add your ring list with the colour and sex of each bird. You may also pool your pigeons via the full numeric keypad, just enter the last four digits of your birds ring number and enter your pools at either club, section or open level, all in the same format as you pool on your paper sheets.

At any time you may also add our renowned Pocket Clock, the smallest and only contact free electronic clock, with no fiddly connecting pins to damage. A Pocket Clock may be added at any time to the Champ 200, no need to upgrade your base just pay the difference and you are ready to go with your new Pocket Clock.