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UNIKON products

Complete loft packages


Champ 200 – The most cost effective way to start with UNIKON. These starter systems do not include a pocket clock however one can be easily added at any time.

Champ PC500 - This includes a pocket clock

All systems come complete with one two field Pad, 5m pad extension cable, UK power supply and instruction manual.


Two Field Pad

UNIKON 2 Field Antenna
UNIKON only make a 2 - field pad as they provide the best performance as they are very fast. UNIKON’s special method of synchronizing the fields also allows you to position pads side by side without interfering with each other.
Dimensions: 34 x 17 x 3.5cm (13 5/8" x 7" x 1 1/2")

Antenna Test Key Fob

The antenna tester allows you to check you system before that all important race. Simply present the key fob to each field on each pad in turn. Your Champ display will show the serial number of each pad along with confirmation that each field is working.

Pad Power Booster
Antenna Signal Booster
The EXB ensures correct ring sensor operation, for installations requiring more than 4 Pads.
It is recommended that you install a power booster after every 4 Pads.

Intelligent Pad Power Booster
Antenna Signal Booster
EXB SE allows almost unlimited number of Pads when used in combination with the standard EXB. Recommended when using more than 16 Pads

Pocket Clocks

Our contactless pocket clock it allows you to take the pocket clock out of the loft clock and still continue clocking your birds. You can use multiple pocket clocks on the same loft clock. Use multiple pocket clocks for when you cannot get to two clubs at the same time.


UNIKON has ring sensor extension cables available in the following lengths: 1M, 3M, 5M, 10M and 15M

UCR3 Rings (HitagS)


The UNIKON reusable universal split ring. Guaranteed high performance.

Battery Power Adapter

Car Battery Adapter

Our car battery adapter this allows you to power your system off a 12 Volt battery. Suitable for use with Champ, Profi and Pad Power Boosters.

At the Club

Universal Club System
UNIKON Club System
Very easy to use - fully compatible with any other brand of ETS, Designed for ease of use. Used by nearly all the UK's national and Classic clubs. The UNIKON Club System has been given tremendous praise since its introduction in 2007, both for its simplicity and no fuss set up

Compatibility Cables

UnivES to UNIKON Club Base - Universal cable for connecting the UNIKON Club base to other manufacturers club systems.

UnivES to other ETS clock - You will need this cable to connect other makes of ETS to UNIKON's Universal Club System. These are normally available free of charge from the manufacturer for the ETS Clock.